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Who we are?

The story of courier services in Ghana has taken a different dimension since the inception of Acral Courier Centre in April 2015. Acral Courier Centre has become your dependable and reliable courier service company to get your package to where it needs to be at the right time. To be a leader in this competitive market, it is our acral mission to provide top-notch courier services to you whenever you need us. ACRAL is setting high standards in this industry which we aim to achieve and continue to improve over time. We celebrate our customers, work efficiently, deliver goods to your doorstep and give you our best!  

Who we will be soon?

With our goal-driven determination, we plan on setting new standards in courier services in Africa. With the implementation of new technologies and a convenient customer service approach, the sky will be our starting point. Plans are already in place to render warehouses for storing picking and packing services at affordable rates.

Our Mission

Provide premium courier services on time and in a professional manner.

Our Essence

Acral Courier Centre operates on Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Reliability, and Transparency.

Our Promise

Collection and delivery of goods to several destinations throughout the country at affordable rates. We will always change the pace.

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